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  • Cold Gun COOLING

    Often needed during manufacture to prevent damage to machinery and parts.

    You May Need To
    • cool your electronic control panel to keep the assembly line running
    • cool parts as they are being manufactured
    • cool parts between tests
    • cool off a very large or a very small space
  • VariBlast Safety Air Gun CLEANING

    Needed between manufacturing processes and prior to packaging.

    You May Need To
    • clean off flash, sprue, or scrap from parts on a conveyor
    • blow off excess fluid back into machining tanks to reduce wastage and mess
    • remove dust and liquid from parts without damaging the item or blowing it off of the conveyor
    • clean off a very large or a very small space, without wasting compressed air or creating a noise hazard
  • Air Atomizing Nozzle COATING

    Used in many production and finishing operations.

    You May Need To
    • coat a variety of product shapes with an atomized liquid
    • apply a precise, even finish coat to a product
    • apply lubricants and preservatives without excess wastage
  • Threaded Line Vac CONVEYING

    Many bulk components, finished products, and scrap can be quickly and efficiently moved with air.

    You May Need To
    • convey parts from point A to point B with high conveying rates
    • convey parts to a hopper without the back-breaking task of moving them manually
    • reject parts from an assembly line
    • float products from one assembly line to another using air
    • transfer hydraulic oil from barrels to a pump quickly and easily
    • remove parts from molds without handling them
  • Air Cannon DRYING

    Part dry is often required between production processes and prior to packaging.

    You May Need To
    • dry a surface so an ink jet printer can print correctly
    • dry and clean a surface in preparation for painting
    • dry surfaces that have just exited a washer
    • dry a surface for label application
    • dry prior to applying an adhesive

    Most manufacturing processes produce scrap that has to be cleaned up - with industrial-strength tools.

    You May Need To
    • clean up wet or dry messes
    • collect chips or scrap pieces during production
    • solve a dust collection problem that is slowing production and causing rejects
    • replace a shop vac that clogs and break down regularly
    • vacuum residual powder in an application
    • move thick liquids with maximum lift up to 15 feet
    • filter chips out of used coolant and cutting oils
    • use a HEPA quality vacuum with high capacity cleaning for dusty environments

    Often needed during manufacture to prevent damage to machinery and parts.

    You May Need To
    • remove static and dust from surfaces up to 108” wide
    • remove static from hard to reach or obstructed surfaces
    • remove static from product moving at high speeds
    • remove static from surfaces with an extremely high charge
    • prevent jamming, tearing, shocks and dust up to 20’ away with uniform airflow
    • eliminate static cling
    • neutralize and clean continuous moving surfaces

    Conserving compressed air, lowering noise levels and reducing waste are very important in industrial applications.

    You May Need To
    • reduce the amount of compressed air that is being used in your plant for cooling, cleaning, blowoff, etc
    • track compressed air usage
    • locate costly leaks in your compressed air system
    • monitor the sound level in your plant to prevent worker-related hearing loss and OSHA fines
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