Model 120022 2" Alum. Super Air Amplifier

Super Air Amplifiers pull in large volumes of surrounding air using a small amount of compressed air to produce high

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Super Air Amplifiers pull in large volumes of surrounding air using a small amount of compressed air to produce high volume, high velocity outlet flows through a fixed air gap. Utilizing the Coanda effect, a basic principle of fluidics, Air Amplifiers become a simple, low cost way to circulate air, move smoke, fumes and light materials. They are also effective as a blower to cool, clean and dry parts or processes and in workstation dust collection applications. Quiet, efficient Super Air Amplifiers will create output flows up to 25 times their consumption rate. Both the vacuum and discharge ends of the Air Amplifier can be ducted, making them ideal for drawing fresh air from another location, or moving smoke and fumes away.


  • Vent welding smoke
  • Cool hot parts
  • Dry wet parts
  • Clean machined parts
  • Distribute heat in ovens/molds
  • Ventilate confined areas
  • Dust collection
  • Exhaust tank fumes


Compared to Fans:

  • Rated for environments up to 700°F (374°C)
  • Compact, lightweight, portable
  • No electricity
  • No moving parts - no maintenance
  • Ends are easily ducted
  • Instant on/off
  • Variable force and flow
  • No RF interference

Compared to Venturies and Ejectors:

  • More air with lower compressed air consumption
  • Higher flow amplification
  • No internal obstructions
  • Meets OSHA pressure and noise requirements
  • Quiet

Super Air Amplifier Systems

Super Air Amplifiers are available in four different model types:

  • Super Air Amplifier Only
  • Super Air Amplifier Kits - include a Super Air Amplifier, shim set, filter separator and pressure regulator (with coupler).
  • Deluxe Super Air Amplifier Kits - include a Super Air Amplifier, EFC, shim set, filter separator and pressure regulator (with coupler).
  • Super Air Amplifier Shim Sets - include (1) .006" (0.15mm) and (1) .009" (0.23mm) stainless steel shims (except 8" which include (1) .015" (0.39mm) stainless steel shim).
Model Outlet Diameter
3/4" (19mm) 1-1/4" (32mm) 2" (51mm) 4" (102mm) 8" (203mm)
Super Air Amplifier Only 120020 120021 120022 120024 120028
Super Air Amplifier Kit 120220 120221 120222 120224 120228
Deluxe Super Air Amplifier Kit 120220DX 120221DX 120022DX 120024DX 120028DX
High Temperature Air Amplifier Only N/A 12021 N/A N/A N/A
High TemperatureAir Amplifier Kit N/A 121221 N/A N/A N/A
Super Air Amplifier Shim Set 120320 120321 120322 120324 120328

Super Air Amplifier Performance

80 PSIG (5.5 BAR)Air ConsumptionAmplificationAir Volume at OutletAir Volume at 6" (152mm)Sound Level

Model 120028 tested with .009" (0.23mm) shim. All other models tested with .003" (0.08mm) shim.

Super Air Amplifier Dimensions

EXAIR Super Air Amplifier Dimensions
Model 120020-120024
EXAIR Super Air Amplifier Dimensions
Model 120028


Model Numbers

Super Air Amplifier 120020 120021 120022 120024 120028
A in 0.45 0.84 1.64 3.02 6.20
mm 11 21 42 77 157
B in 0.75 0.94 1.69 2.81 4.50
mm 19 24 43 71 114
C in 0.98 1.50 2.95 4.91 9
mm 25 38 75 125 229
D in 1.77 2.40 3.58 6.89 -
mm 45 61 91 175 -
E in 2.28 3.03 4.14 8.42 11.25
mm 58 77 105 214 286
F in 0.20 0.27 0.27 0.55 -
mm 5 7 7 14 -
G in 0.18 0.21 0.25 0.55 -
mm 5 5 6 14 -
H in 0.53 0.75 0.75 1.75 2.44
mm 13 19 19 44 62
J in 0.73 1.22 2 3.97 8
mm 19 31 51 101 203
K in 2.50 2.88 3 4.75 8.94
mm 64 73 76 121 227
L in 0.59 0.59 0.62 0.94 2.38
mm 15 15 16 24 60
M NPT 1/8 1/4 3/8 1/2 3/4

Super Air Amplifier Airflow Pattern

EXAIR Model 120020 - 120024 Super Air Amplifier Airflow Pattern
Model 120020 - 120024
EXAIR Model 120028 Super Air Amplifier Airflow Pattern
Model 120028


Model Numbers

Super Air Amplifier 120020 120022 120022 120024
A in 1.25 2 2.75 4.5
mm 32 51 70 114
B in 2.2 2.9 3.55 5.3
mm 56 74 90 135
C in 4.1 4.7 5.15 6.9
mm 104 119 131 175
D in 6 6.5 6.75 8.5
mm 152 165 171 216

How Air Amplifiers Work

How the Air Amplifier Works

Compressed air flows through the air inlet (1) into an annular chamber (2). It is then throttled through a small ring nozzle (3) at high velocity. This primary airstream adheres to the Coanda profile (4), which directs it toward the outlet. A low pressure area is created at the center (5), inducing a high volume flow of surrounding air into the primary airstream. The combined flow of primary and surrounding air exhausts from the Air Amplifier in a high volume, high velocity flow.

Air Amplifier Standards and Certifications

CE Compliant OSHA Safe!

EXAIR Air Amplifiers comply with OSHA's Safety Requirements, the EU General Product Safety Directive (2001/95/EC) and meet the noise limitation requirements of the EU Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC). All sound level measurements are taken at 3 feet away.

Conflict Mineral Free

Look for this symbol to designate conflict mineral free products throughout our website. EXAIR supports Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act and we are committed to compliance with the conflict minerals rule in order to curb the illicit trade of tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold in the DRC region. EXAIR is using the CMRT 3.02 template to document our supply chain and commitment to conflict free products.

WARNING! Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Awards - Super Air Amplifier

1999 Plant Engineering Product of the Year Finalist

EXAIR's Super Air Amplifiers were a finalist in the 1999 Plant Engineering Product of the Year Awards. The Super Air Amplifier family placed in the Compressed Air category.

Efficiency Lab

Does your company currently use a blowoff product similar to EXAIR’s that you’d like us to evaluate? Ship it to the EXAIR Efficiency Lab! Our qualified staff will test it for FREE, using EXAIR’s calibrated testing equipment. We’ll compare the performance of your existing product (air consumption, effectiveness, noise levels, efficiencies, etc) with the EXAIR Intelligent Compressed Air® products. The results will be published in a comprehensive report that includes a cost savings analysis. For most applications, EXAIR products can help you improve your efficiency AND typically pay for themselves in a matter of weeks.

To participate in our Efficiency Lab testing, please complete this Product Efficiency Survey to give us the details about your current application and blowoff set up. If you have any questions, feel free to contact an Application Engineer at (800) 903-9247 or (513) 671-3322 or [email protected].

If you have questions about a product or you need help in determining the best model for your application, fill out our Application Assistance Worksheet! When you submit this information, one of our knowledgeable Application Engineers will respond with a recommendation for the EXAIR product best suited for the application.

If you would rather fax the form, you can download the Application Assistance Worksheet PDF, print the completed .pdf file, and fax it to us at (513) 671-3363.

For immediate help, call our Application Engineering Department at 1 800-903-9247.

Special Air Amplifiers

Special High Temperature Air Amplifier Model 121021

EXAIR will manufacture special Air Amplifiers suited to your specific application requirements. The Model 121021 High Temperature Air Amplifier was developed for moving hot air to surfaces requiring uniform heating while in a furnace or oven. Modeled after our Super Air Amplifier, the High Temperature Air Amplifier is the most efficient for pushing high volumes of hot air to points that typically remain cool. This special design is rated for environments up to 700°F (374°C) and its surface is protected from heat stress by a mil-spec. coating process (developed for the aircraft industry), allowing easy disassembly for changing shims or cleaning.

Special Flanged Air Amplifier

Another stainless steel version for flange mounting was developed as a fan back-up for exhausting flue gases from a furnace. In the event of a power failure, this special Air Amplifier can quickly evacuate the fumes that could be harmful to workers close by.

Special Adjustable Air Amplifier with PTFE plug

A PTFE plug was used with a stainless steel Adjustable Air Amplifier to help pull a sticky material through a process and prevent the material from depositing on the Air Amplifier. EXAIR's Intelligent Compressed Air® products can be manufactured to your special requirements.

If you have special requirements, please contact an Application Engineer to discuss it.

How to Determine Super Air Amplifier Total Output Flow and Air Consumption

Total Output Flow - Super Air Amplifier

Total Airflow: From the performance curves (above), determine total output flow for any Super Air Amplifier at any pressure.

Example: A Model 120021 at 60 PSIG (4.1 BAR) supply air pressure has a total output flow of 120 SCFM (3,398 SLPM).

Air Consumption: Divide total output flow by the amplification ratio to determine air consumption for any Super Air Amplifier at any air pressure.

In the example above, the Model 120021 at 60 PSIG (4.1 BAR) supply air pressure has a total output flow of 120 SCFM (3,398 SLPM). Dividing this total output flow by its amplification ratio of 18 gives an air consumption of 6.7 SCFM (189 SLPM).

Total Output Flow with 0.003" (0.08mm) thick shim installed. Excludes downstream entrainment. Model 120028 tested with a 0.009" (0.23mm) shim.

Air Amplifier Model Selection Guide

  Efficiency Sound Level Mounting Flange Flow Adjustment Temperature Rating Corrosive Applications
Super Air Amplifier High Low Yes With Shims 275°F (135°C) No
Aluminum Adjustable Air Amplifier Medium Variable No Infinite (no Shims) 275°F (135°C) No
Stainless Steel Adjustable Air Amplifier Medium Variable No Infinite (no Shims) 400°F (204°C) Yes
High Temperature Air Amplifier High Low No With Shims 700°F (374°C) Yes
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