Model 900978 3/4 NPT x 3/4 Hose Barb

Hose barbs have barb sizes from 1/4 through 1 and MNPT threads from 1/4 through 1.

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Hose barbs have barb sizes from 1/4 through 1 and MNPT threads from 1/4 through 1.


Model #Hose Barb Size
9009691/4 MNPT X 1/4 Hose Barb.
9009701/4 MNPT X 3/8 Hose Barb
9009711/4 MNPT X 1/2 Hose Barb
9009721/2 MNPT X 1/4 Hose Barb
9009731/2 MNPT X 3/8 Hose Barb
9009741/2 MNPT X 1/2 Hose Barb
9009751/2 MNPT X 3/4 Hose Barb
9009763/4 MNPT X 3/8 Hose Barb
9009773/4 MNPT X 1/2 Hose Barb
9009783/4 MNPT X 3/4 Hose Barb
9009793/4 MNPT X 1 Hose Barb
9009801 MNPT X 3/4 Hose Barb
9009811 MNPT X 1 Hose Barb


EXAIR offers a variety of mufflers, tubing, check valves, and fittings that make it easy to build a vacuum system best suited to your vacuum application. In addition to these E-Vac vacuum generator accessories, there are other items that can help with the preparation and control of the compressed air.

When using E-Vac vacuum generators, it is important to use a source of clean, dry compressed air that will keep them operating at their peak performance. Automatic Drain Filter Separators keep compressed air free of contaminants and moisture. Oil removal filters that remove oil particulate that is common to many compressed air systems are also shown. Pressure regulators, shutoff valves, compressed air hose, fittings, and solenoid valves (to electrically turn the compressed air on and off) are also available.

Vacuum Cups - EXAIR offers vacuum cups in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to meet the needs of your application. EXAIR's vacuum cups are made of vinyl that is ideal for geneeral purpose applications and provides excellent resistance to wear. The Durometer rating (used to indicate the flixibility and stiffness of the cup) is A50. The operating temperature is 32°F (0°C) to 125°F (51.7°C).

Mufflers - Optional silencing mufflers are available that permit maximum exhaust of the E-Vac unit so cycle speed is not reduced. The Standard Muffler (for use with In-Line E-Vacs only) has a closed end and is suitable for applications that are free of dust and debris. The Straight Through Muffler is recommended where particulate is present since it will not accumulate debris that can erode performance. Straight Through Mufflers offer the best sound level reduction (up to 26 dBA).

Fittings and Tubing - The vacuum port of the E-Vac has an NPT thread (a vacuum cup can be threaded directly into it). For vacuum cups that are remotely located, push-in connector fittings (most have global threads for use with NPT and BSP) can be installed on the E-Vac and the vacuum cup. Polyurethane vacuum tubing is available (10', 20', 30', 40' and 50' lengths) to connect them. For best performance, the length of the tubing should be minimized to achieve the best attach and release times.

Check Valve - A vacuum check valve is available to hold the vacuum in case of compressed air loss. It is designed for high flow so it doesn’t restrict airflow or slow the vacuum operation. Maximum vacuum can still be achieved without affecting the performance. E-Vac vacuum generators that are used without a check valve will release the load if there is a significant drop in compressed air pressure or the supply of compressed air is lost.

Caution WARNING! Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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