Super Air Knives

dramatically reduce compressed air usage and noise. They offer a quiet, hard-hitting curtain of air and they are surprisingly quiet at 68 dBA. They have a uniform airflow and are available in 3” to 108” lengths to clean very large surfaces.

Super Air Knife Removes Loose Grains From Sandpaper

An abrasives manufacturer is producing sandpaper. It is a continuous web application where the grains are applied onto the web. The web is coated with a small amount of adhesive to hold the grains. Many of the grains do not contact the adhesive and are loose on the web. These fugitive grains need to be removed prior to a secondary coating process to cure the adhesive. An EXAIR Model 110036 36" (914mm) Aluminum Super Air Knife was installed to remove the fugitive grains. The manufacturer is now recuperating a larger amount of abrasive grains. They have cleaner packaging and a better quality product for the customer.

Safety Air Guns

powerful, portable blowoff guns are available in 5 styles that are designed to fit your cleaning requirements. They come equipped with one of EXAIR's engineered air nozzles to provide strong blowoff force while conserving compressed air, preventing dangerous dead-ending, and reducing noise.

Soft Grip Safety Air Guns Provide Precise Blowoff for Tight Spaces & High Force Blowoff for Tough Jobs

This customer manufactures pre-formed concrete wall panels. After the wall panels are removed from the forms, they need to be cleaned. The first step in cleaning them is to blow them off with air. The many different forms present both tight spaces and the need for high force. To reach the tight spaces with ease, they use a Model 1280SS-48 Soft Grip Safety Air Gun (equipped with a Model 1010SS Micro Air Nozzle, and 48" rigid pipe extension). For the large areas with heavier buildup, they use a Model 1250 Soft Grip Safety Air Gun (equipped with a Model 1104 3/8 NPT High Power Super Air Nozzle) to provide the high force airflow needed.

Reversible Drum Vacs

pump 55 gallons in 90 seconds with two-way pumping action. Attaches quickly to any closed head drum. Great for coolant sumps, food processing, lathes, floor cleanup and more. Maintenance free, compact and portable, installs quickly. More powerful High Lift Reversible Drum Vacs for moving thick liquids up to 15 feet also available.

Replacing Gas Powered Sump Suckers

A dyeing machine builder was using gas-powered sump suckers to change fluids throughout their facility. They spewed fumes throughout the plant, creating environmental issues; constantly needing LP fuel tank change outs (usually at the most inconvenient times). Batteries would run low; requiring a jump-start or replacement. They purchased a compressed air powered EXAIR Model 6196 Reversible Drum Vac to compare performance. The results were impressive. The Reversible Drum Vac was faster, quieter, smaller, safer, and produced no smelly exhaust. The cost of the Drum Vac was less than they spent on general maintenance and fuel for the gas-powered ones. Payback was within a few months and will continue to provide savings in the future as the Drum Vac has no moving parts and will operate indefinitely.

Chip Trappers

filters the chips out of your used coolant and cutting oils; vacuums in the solids and liquid, but pumps out only the liquid. Great for CNCs, lathes, parts washers, pits and more. More powerful High Lift Chip Trapper are available for below grade sumps or elevated tanks.

Machine Shop Wants to Save Money on Coolant

A company operates several CNC machines and is looking for a way to save money on the expensive coolant that they need. They purchased a Model 6198 55 Gallon Chip Trapper System to filter debris out of the coolant in the sump so that they could reuse it. Coolant that they could only use for 6 weeks before could now be used for up to 6 months!

Chip Vacs

vacuum wet or dry chips directly into an open top drum. Great to clean chips from fixtures, floors and work surfaces. Ideal for fast and efficient cleaning. Has no motors to clog or wear out; powerful direct flow action.

Recovering Grass Seed

Customer processes and bags seed. On their grass seed line, they experience a considerable amount of loss due to spillage. Typically, they would sweep it up and trash it. Using a Model 6193 Chip Vac System, they were able to reclaim lost product in and around the machines. While the recovered product could not be used in the certified product, they were able to add it to the "contractors" blend. The cost savings amounted to $2500 annually.

Heavy Duty Dry Vacs

vacuum more material in less time. Industrial duty vacuum with rugged hardened alloy construction that resists premature wear on tough clean-up jobs. Made for continuous duty with high capacity.

Heavy Duty Dry Vac Makes For Quick Cleanup of Military Vehicle Rebuild Lines

This customer refurbishes and rebuilds military vehicles and they wanted to speed up the cleaning process. They process the vehicles "assembly line" style and the work areas must be cleaned before thy can proceed to the next station. The debris mainly consists of metal parts and 1/2"-3/4" steel bolts. Instead of sweeping or blowing the debris around, they now use a Model 6397 55 Gallon Premium Heavy Duty Dry Vac. This gives the operators enough vacuum power - and a variety of heavy duty tools - to allow them to quickly and easily clean their work areas.

Heavy Duty HEPA Vacs

are a rugged HEPA quality vacuum designed for high capacity cleaning in a dusty environment. No moving parts, maintenance free, static resistant hose, reduces exposure to airborne particulates.

Heavy Duty HEPA Vac Cleans Machinery, Reclaims Precious Metals

In the process of making electrical connectors, small shavings and pieces of precious metals accumulate around the machine. Typically, these were swept up and discarded. Customer implemented a Model 6299 Deluxe Heavy Duty HEPA Vac to clean up the work area. This was faster than sweeping, and they were able to reclaim the precious metals.

EasySwitch Wet-Dry Vac Systems

employs a simple filter change process to simplify switching between wet and dry clean-ups. This powerful vacuum is designed to fit any 55 gallon open top drum and can use a standard filter or HEPA filter for dry clean-ups.

Quick Boat Cleanup

A company cleans oily engine sump water as well as dry dust and pebbles off of boats after they transit a lock system. To speed up the process, they use a Model 6101 EasySwitch Wet-Dry Vac System to quickly change between wet and dry cleanups. As an additional benefit, they are able to collect the material into a 55-gallon drum for convenient collection and disposal.


can vacuum, blowoff and transfer with no moving parts. Portable, lightweight, and easy to use. It uses less compressed air with output flow 12 times the air consumption rate. Great to vacuum shavings, absorbent, sawdust, and spills; transfer small parts, pellets and trip; and blow chips, water, coolant, and scrap.

Vac-u-Gun Used for Cotton Products Housecleaning

A manufacturer in the cotton fiber industry has some manufacturing lines to produce square cotton pads, cotton balls, and cotton swabs. These manufacturing lines produce a lot of scrap which is pushed off the machines and cleaned up from the floor. The customer was looking to simplify the process and save time. They chose some EXAIR Model 6392 Vac-u-Gun All Purpose Systems which they use to vacuum the scrap right off of the machines and into a filter bag or into a larger drum, depending on the machine and the amount of scrap. This has decreased the amount of time it takes to clean the machines.

Gen4 Ion Air Guns

powerful, portable blowoff that includes static elimination, making it ideal for removing static and dust on irregular surfaces.

Ion Air Gun Makes Quick Work Of Preparing Blasted Parts For Powder Coating

A metal refinisher sandblasts and powder coats a variety of parts, specializing in classic/antique automotive body parts and accessories. The non-conductive media tends to develop a high static charge, which made it difficult to blow off with a standard air gun...the small beads and dust tended to accumulate on the edges, requiring extra attention, time, and compressed air flow to get every last bit off before powder coating. Using a Model 8493 Ion Air Gun Kit, they are able to quickly blow off parts of just about any size and shape with one pass, ensuring a clean, dust-free surface for perfect powder coating every time.

Gen4 Ion Air Jets

provides a powerful, focused blast of static eliminating air. Available with a permanent mount or base with flexible hose.

Static Removal on Cap and Seal Operation

Customer bottles nutritional supplements. Prior to applying the safety seal, they need to remove any contaminants. During the humid summer months, a simple blow off would get the job done. But in the dry winter months, static electricity made it difficult to get the bottles clean. Installing a Model 8294 Ion Air Jet, which provided an ionized blow off, they were able to remove the debris and neutralize the surfaces. This eliminated removing the seals from defective product and sending them through again.

Gen4 Super Ion Air Knives

remove static and debris from surfaces up to 108” in width. Uniform airflow; low sound level; effective up to 20’ away. Great for web cleaning, molding machinery, sheeters and trimmers, pre-paint dust removal, cleaning parts, printing equipment.

Super Ion Air Knife Solves Vinyl Printing Static Issue

This customer operates a vinyl printing press, and was experiencing an unacceptably high level of rejects in their finished product. As the sheet enters the machine, a vacuum holds the sheet in place as the printer head passes over. The sheet was starting to wrinkle due to static build up, resulting in an unusable product. They installed a Model 111260PKI 60" (1524mm) Super Ion Air Knife with Plumbing Kit Installed onto the side of the press, blowing the ionized air across the vacuum table. This eliminated the static charge and prevented the sheet from wrinkling, solving their problem.

Line Vacs

compressed air powered conveyor that is ideal for removing scrap trim or paper backing away from an application area and delivering to a collection bin for disposal. We offer a large variety of styles and sizes for many applications.

Vacuum Transfer of Paper Chads

Customer is responsible for the archiving and preservation of public and private records. When they punch binder holes, the chads accumulate in the machine and around the work station. They had been using shop vacs but they burn out quickly. Using the Model 6083 1-1/2" (38mm) Line Vac they vacuumed the chads as they were formed and directed them into a dumpster.

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