Super Air Knives

produce a strong, uninterrupted airflow across their entire length. Ideal for creating a curtain of air for complete drying of parts, webs, or conveyors. They entrain ambient air to provide a strong blowoff force with lower compressed air usage. Super Air Knives are available in stock in 3” to 108” lengths for very large surfaces coverage.

Super Air Knives Dry PET Bottles

Customer produces and bottles various beverages including wine and grape juice. One juice bottling line uses PET plastic bottles that need to be dried after a washing tunnel, before moving on to the labeler. The bottles are about 12" tall. Two Model 110012SS 12" (305mm) Stainless Steel Super Air Knives were mounted vertically on either side of the conveyor with the airflow at a 45-degree angle opposite the direction of travel of the bottles. This configuration was able to dry the entire outer surface of the bottle, allowing for proper label adhesion without disrupting the process, and dramatically reducing the number of rejects.

Air Nozzles & Jets

powerful nozzles that efficiently deliver strong drying airflow. Available in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and force to accommodate most drying requirements.

Drying Cans For Inkjet Date Printing

This customer manufactures inkjet marking and laser coding systems for various industries. One of their customers cans soda and needs to dry the concave bottoms of the inverted, filled cans before the date stamp can be applied. If the cans are not dry when the ink is applied, the ink does not print properly and dissolves in the rinse water. Their previous setup used plastic flat air nozzles with little success. A pass through these nozzles produced incomplete drying and led to rejects due to flawed stamps or the necessity to pass the cans through the drying process again. They replaced these nozzles with a Model 1111-4 Super Air Nozzle Cluster, which provided a strong blast of air to remove all traces of water from within the concave bottom of the can on the first pass. The date stamp can now be properly applied leading to fewer rejected cans and increased production.

Super Air Amplifiers

use a small amount of compressed air to pull in large volumes of surrounding air, which produces high volume, high velocity outlet flow. Perfect for quickly drying parts, webs, or conveyors.

Drying Fire Hoses

Customers are fire fighters. After they use their fire hoses, they hang them in a drying tower. Sometimes they are not dry before they have to use them again. Using the Model 120024 4" (102mm) Super Air Amplifier, they were able to quickly blow down the excess water inside the hose speeding up the drying process by a couple of hours.

Super Air Wipes

essentially a circular air knife, they are perfect for drying cable, pipes, extrusions or any other product with a round cross-section. Their split ring design makes it easy to place around parts without the need to rethread.

Drying Multiconductor Cables Exiting A Bath

An energy company manufactures large diameter, multi conductor cables. They were using a straight pipe blowoff that was still leaving water on the cable after a rinse application and causing rejects during the following printing process. The Model 2401 1" (25mm) and Model 2402 2" (51mm) Super Air Wipes provided better, more even blowoff for the application and dramatically reduced the number of rejects. The customer was also happy to see that air wipes were available in larger diameters.

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