Static Elimination

Gen4 Super Ion Air Knives

are like our Super Air Knives with the added benefit of static elimination. They produce a wide, laminar sheet of static eliminating airflow to remove static charge on plastics, webs, sheet stock, and other conductive material. It removes static cling between parts, reducing jams, tears, and shocks to workers.

Super Ion Air Knife Eliminates Static on Label Prior to Application

Customer fills and labels various types of liquid soap bottles. The label being applied has a pressure sensitive adhesive on its back side. Static would form as the labels were unrolled and peeled from their backing. As the bottles go by, the label is forced to the bottle, but the static charge would cause the label to repel from the bottle and a wrinkle would form in the label, rendering it a non-conforming part. In colder weather, the problem would become even worse. Customer chose a Model 111206 6" (152mm) Super Ion Air Knife Kit to eliminate static on the label just prior to application. Labeling rejects were dramatically reduced.

Gen4 Ionizing Bars

remove static charge on paper, films, and plastics to reduce jams, tears, and shocks. They produce a high concentration of static eliminating ions that neutralize any surface that passes within 4" (102mm) of the bar.

Eliminating Personnel Shocks On A Door Painting Line

A company manufactures doors running on a conveyor line after they have been painted and coated with a PVC protector. The doors run through some rubber coated rollers that created a great deal of static that would zap employees. They tried ground wires and tinsel but they both caused scratches in the finish of the door. The company chose Ionizing Bars to provide non-contact static removal. The finish was saved and employees no longer had to worry about static shocks.

Gen4 Super Ion Air Wipes

produce a uniform, circular airflow of static eliminating ions. It is ideal for removing static buildup on extrusions, hose, pipe, and wire. It creates a conical airstream that attaches itself to the shape passing through it. Its hinged design allows it to be clamped around a part without the need for rethreading.

Super Ion Air Wipe Removes Composite Shavings

Customer is a manufacturer of material handling and storage products for several industries. They have a composite material protrusion line that produces a continuous 1-3/4" OD tube. This tube has small slits cut in in along the length. The composite material generates quite a static charge as it moves and is slitted. Thus, the shavings generated from the slitting process tend to stick to the outside of the tube. A Model 8264 4" (102mm) Super Ion Air Wipe with Power Supply will provide a 360° ionized airflow around the OD of the tube to remove all the chips and eliminate the static charge before moving on to subsequent steps in the manufacturing process.

Gen4 Ion Air Cannon

produce a powerful stream of static eliminating ions that can neutralize a charge from up to 15 feet away. Perfect for static elimination at a distance or to neutralize charge on irregular shapes.

Removing Static from Pellet Filler

Customer blends custom plastic compounds. After blending, they are heated, extruded, and diced into cubes. These cubes are then packaged into super sacks, for sale to the plastic injection molding industry. They were experiencing high levels of static electricity that would shock the operators when changing out the super sacks. A Model 8292 Ion Air Cannon was installed at the feed gate to provide a flow of ionized air in the direction of travel of the pellets. The static was eliminated, along with the occupational hazard of static discharge to the operators.

Intellistat Ion Air Guns

lightweight air gun that produces a focused blast of static eliminating ions at a rapid rate of static decay. Ideal for clean rooms, test procedures, and sensitive assembly work. The Intellistat Ion Air Gun is engineered for extended use and its dissipative polycarbonate body is non-conductive, making it perfect for working around sensitive electronics.

Eliminating The Static Charge On A Plastic Housing

An electronics manufacturer was having a problem with the finish on one of their products. In one process, a round plastic button is friction fit through a square hole in the plastic housing. This process would create a static charge that left small plastic slivers stuck to the housing. They were able to use the Model 8500 Intellistat Ion Air Gun to provide a precise, focused stream of static eliminating airflow to neutralize the charge and blow off the plastic shavings.

Gen4 Ion Air Guns

portable static eliminator that combines an efficient, forceful blast of air with static eliminating ions. It can neutralize static charge from up to 15 feet (4.6m) away! Perfect for working with irregular shapes.

Ion Air Gun Makes Quick Work Of Preparing Blasted Parts For Powder Coating

A metal refinisher sandblasts and powder coats a variety of parts, specializing in classic/antique automotive body parts and accessories. The non-conductive media tends to develop a high static charge, which made it difficult to blow off with a standard air gun...the small beads and dust tended to accumulate on the edges, requiring extra attention, time, and compressed air flow to get every last bit off before powder coating. Using a Model 8493 Ion Air Gun Kit, they are able to quickly blow off parts of just about any size and shape with one pass, ensuring a clean, dust-free surface for perfect powder coating every time.

Gen4 Ion Air Jets

portable static eliminator that delivers a focused blast of neutralizing ions. Perfect for working with smaller parts before finishing or packaging. For workstations, a permanently mounted Stay Set Ion Air Jet is also available.

Remove Dust to Reduce Vision System Part Rejects

An automotive manufacturer was getting false rejects of rubber valve stem seals from vision inspection system due to dust on the seals. Static electricity was likely contributing to the dust sticking on the parts. A Model 8294 Ion Air Jet and Power Supply was the perfect solution. It took care of both eliminating the static charges as well as blowing the dust particles off the seals. A pressure regulator further added to the solution by allowing the inlet pressure to be reduced to a level that sufficiently removed the dust without disturbing the lightweight parts. This lead to fewer unnecessarily rejected parts.

Gen4 Ionizing Points

delivers pinpoint static elimination without compressed air support. Effective for sensitive spot neutralization applications where additional airflow could displace the product. Ideal for winding or slitting operations. Could also be mounted through air ducts for static free ventilation.

Taking the Static Out of Plastic

This customer uses a centrifugal dryer system for granulated plastic. As the plastic tumbles, a static charge would build and plastic fines would clump up and clog the output chute. They chose four Model 8199 Ionizing Points to mount in the output chute of the granulator/dryer machine. A counter-flow airflow carries ions up and into the chute and reduces the static charge which keeps the fines from moving down the chute with the rest of the product. This removed the clogging problem and eliminated the need to stop production in order to clear the chute.

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