Electronic Flow Control (EFC)

smart sensor that shuts off compressed air supply when it isn't needed. Great way to reduce expensive compressed air consumption on production lines.

Super Ion Air Knife and EFC Prepare Truck Beds For Painting And Save Air

An industrial painting company needed to remove static charge and dirt/debris from ABS plastic truck bed molds prior to painting. They installed a Model 111272 72" (1829mm) Super Ion Air Knife Kit to provide the static elimination and blow off, but were concerned about compressed air usage between paint cycles. The customer also incorporated a Model 9064 EFC Electronic Flow Control which turns the air off between parts, turning it on instantly when the next part comes through.

Digital Flowmeters

gain a more accurate measure of compressed air consumption. Pressure sensing or flow sensing meters provide an easy-to-read digital display in SCFM or m3/hr. Can fit on copper, aluminum, and iron pipe. Data loggers, summing remote displays, and hot tap options are available. 

Activity Based Cost Accounting

This customer manufactures aftermarket automotive products. They were going through an activity based accounting exercise to assign overhead costs to their various departments. One department seemed to use considerably more compressed air than the others, but they needed to establish usage in each department to allocate compressed air costs accordingly. Using Model 9092-DAT Digital Flowmeters with Data Loggers, they were able to collect air usage history from every department, making it easy to calculate and compare compressed air burden rates.

Ultrasonic Leak Detector (ULD)

sensitive, portable device to detect costly leaks in your compressed air system from up to 20 feet away. Produces an audible tone when any leaks are detected.

Saving Compressed Air to Gain Compressor Capacity

Company manufactures metal stampings. They had compressed air leaks on their stamping press that were so severe that their compressors couldn't keep up with demand. It was impossible to pinpoint the leaks, though, because they can only be detected when the press is in motion, preventing a worker to safely get within range of the leak. Using the Ultrasonic Leak Detector, which can detect leaks from a distance, they were able to locate all the leaks on the machine and repair them. This saved them enough air consumption that the compressor was finally able to keep up and they were able to resume full production.

Digital Sound Level Meters

protect workers' hearing with this portable sound pressure measuring device. A memory of min and max levels allows tracking over time. Calibrated to NIST standards.

Noise Audit Discovers Opportunities for Improvement

Customer was concerned about high noise level in the factory. After performing a noise audit with a Model 9104 Digital Sound Level Meter, they discovered that their ejection system for defective cereal bags was the major source of excessive noise. They replaced two 1/2" open fittings with two Model 1105 3/8" (10mm) Super Air Nozzles. The new nozzles dramatically lowered the plant's noise level and reduced compressed air consumption as well.

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