EXAIR Offers Rapid Return on Investment

EXAIR's engineered compressed air products are unmatched by the competition when it comes to safety, efficiency, effectiveness and availability. When compared to commercial alternatives, homemade blow off solutions, open tube and pipe, or nozzles not made for compressed air, EXAIR products can eliminate OSHA fines or safety violations, lower air consumption and provide the same results. Typical ROI is weeks rather than months or years. The following products are primary tools for quickly reducing energy costs associated with compressed air.

EXAIR Super Air Knives


Efficiently and effectively uses your compressed air with a 40:1 air amplification ratio. They produce a strong uninterrupted airflow for cleaning, drying, or cooling applications on webs or conveyors.

  • Has a laminar airstream that is uniform, forceful and quiet
  • Velocity is the highest of all three air knives that EXAIR offers
  • Air consumption is lowest of all three air knives
  • Compressed air inlets are provided on each end and on the bottom
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EXAIR Air Nozzles


EXAIR has engineered air nozzles that are highly effective at turning a small amount of compressed air into strong uninterrupted airflow. Nozzles are available in blowoff forces ranging from 22 ounces (624 grams) up to 23 lbs (10.43 kg)!

  • Compact design fits easily in tight spaces
  • Engineered to efficiently use compressed air for optimal blowoff force
  • Meets OSHA noise level requirements
  • Meets OSHA pressure requirements
  • High force air nozzles are ideal for part ejection as well as blowoff, drying, and cooling
  • Back Blow Air Nozzles are available for pipe & tube cleanout
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EXAIR Air Amplifiers


EXAIR's Super Air Amplifers move a large amount of air by creating a uniform, focused, high velocity blast of air that draws in surrounding air for an amplified output. They are great for ventilation or cooling hot parts.

  • Compact design with no moving parts
  • Ends are easily ducted
  • Up to a 25:1 amplification ratio of surrounding air to compressed air
  • Meets OSHA noise and pressure requirements
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