2" Super Air Nozzle For Blowoff

Customer has a bottling line for plastic bottles filled with product. After filling with product and capping the bottle, customer has an inspection station that checks to make sure the caps are installed properly and all the way. The problem is that water used to rinse the bottle after filling stays on the cap. The water causes an occasional mis-read for bad cap install. This results in the bottle being rejected for a problem that it really did not have (2) Model 1122SS 2" (51mm) Flat Super Air Nozzles were recommended to blow off the neck and cap region of the bottle. The elimination of water in this area also eliminated all false readings for bad cap install as well. Before installation of the air nozzle, customer estimated waste due to this problem to be in area of 1 - 2%. At thousands of bottles per day, that cost can begin to add up quickly.

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