Air Amplifier For Recirculating Hot Furnace Air

Company manufactures specialty metal fabrications. They have a small furnace that they use for annealing processes. The furnace is currently set up to use a 3/4" pipe with compressed air dumping into the pre-heat area to create turbulence for a more even temperature. The problem is that it costs the customer an estimated $35K to $40K per year to produce the compressed air for this one application. Compressed air reduction is the goal while still being able to maintain reasonable airflow in the front end of the furnace. Temp. is approximately 300°F. Model 121021 1-1/4" (32mm) High Temperature Air Amplifier was required due to high temperature condition. The customer is expected to reduce their yearly compressed air cost for this one application down to approximately $1,500.00 as a worst case scenario.

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