Air Nozzles Save Air, Maintain Performance

A major national bakery has been going through an air reduction program and has shown success using EXAIR's Super Air Knives to replace homemade air knives. This has led them to the next area of their plant where they had more homemade blow offs, this time in the form of a homemade nozzle. They were using a capped off 3/8" (10mm) schedule 40 pipe with a 9/64" hole in each cap. This air is used to de-pan products like rolls from the baking pans after they have been baked. EXAIR recommended and the customer successfully implemented the Model 1100 1/4" NPTF Aluminum Super Air Nozzle to replace the existing setup. Estimated air savings based on hole size and customer's air pressure was 8 SCFM per nozzle and ten nozzles were needed for a total air savings of 80 SCFM or approximately 20 Hp worth of compressor!

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