Blowing Candy Off Conveyor Belt

A customer manufactures food conveyors. One particular machine was being used for conveying gummy candies to be packaged. The machine incorporated sheet metal gates that were periodically lowered to divide and seal off certain sections of the conveyor. To avoid cutting or smashing the soft candies, and to allow a better seal of the gate onto the conveyor belt, they needed a way to remove the candies from the area of the conveyor just underneath each gate. The conveyor is not quite 9" (229mm) wide. so, a Model 110009SS 9" (229mm) Stainless Steel Super Air Knife mounted near each gate will effectively clear the required area, blowing the candies out of the way of the gate. This prevented wasting of damaged candy and reduced the amount of damaged candy that ended up mixed back in with good product and on consumer shelves.

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