Blowing Clean Olive and Olive Oil Jars and Bottles

When packaging olives and olive oil, the customer uses a variety of jars and bottles. After filling, the bottles need to be washed and dried. Currently, the customer uses open holes on pipe to blow off. They are using a large volume of air and the process is rather noisy. The customer just had an air audit performed and this process was identified as a major source of air usage in the plant. 4 pcs. Model 1122SS 2" (51mm) Stainless Steel Super Air Nozzles are used to blow off the bottles and jars in place of the air nozzles they were using. The flat nature of the nozzles will work much better to give more effective coverage of the jars and bottles than the existing tubes they were using. Also, applying filter, regulator and solenoid valve will help to reduce air needs. The Super Air Nozzles, in conjunction with solenoid valve and control, reduced air consumption. Their audit revealed that the customer saved 50% on the air they use for this application by applying these solutions.

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