Blowing Dust Off of Wind Turbine Blades

This customer is developing custom spraybooths and cleaning systems to accommodate wind turbine components. Specifically, the wind turbine blades. Each blade is approximately 120 ft. long and varies in cross section from 6 ft. round to 8 ft. wide by 2 ft. thick. So, the static eliminating solution has to be flexible and able to work from a distance of at least 3 feet from target. Customer is designing a blow-off vestibule that will accommodate movement of the wind turbine blade through it. The Model 8192 Ion Air Cannons will be mounted at 8 strategic locations around the opening through which the blade will travel as it is being blown off. All static is discharged and dust is blown off of the blade surface to prepare it for tack-off operation and final finish application. This is a totally new concept for finishing extremely large objects so there has been no other solution before the ion cannons.

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