Blowing Off Sliced Apple Product in Food Processing Application

This customer is a company that processes and packages fruit and vegetable product for the ready-to-eat market. In their current application, they are blowing off sliced apples coming from a citric acid bath. The citric acid keeps the apples from turning brown too quickly. The customer wants them to have the acid coating but not so much that the apples are dripping with liquid. The current method for blowing them off is a pressure blower air knife system. Problem is that the airflow exiting the pressure blower is at about 60 deg. F. The apples are supposed to be maintained at a temperature of 40 deg. F or below. The heated airflow coming from the pressure blowers is increasing the temperature of the apples by 3 degrees F. Far too much for the customer to allow due to pre-mature spoilage. The customer has decided to implement the Model 110054SS-316 54" (1372mm) 316 Stainless Steel Super Air Knife in the application as the compressed air powered Super Air Knife, with 40:1 amplification ratio, pulls in the majority of its airflow from the surrounding environment. This means that the blow-off airflow is at the same temperature as the cooled area where the blowoff application is placed and no subsequent heating of the apple slices occurs.

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