Blowing Off Tooling

Customer manufactures packaging machinery. The customer has a liquid detergent bottle filling operation in which the occasional bad fill or misalignment may occur. The result is that the liquid detergent is either spilled or splattered up and onto the tooling that aligns the bottles. The idea they have is to blow the excess detergent from the tooling every so often to keep the liquid detergent from transferring from the tooling to subsequent bottles that fill properly. The desired result is to have dry bottles not contaminated with detergent even though occasional mishaps may happen with the fill operation. The Super Air Knife is the product of choice for this application. A Model 110018SS 18" (457mm) Super Air Knife provided full coverage on the customer’s tooling. A water wash was also added. For the blow-off and/or drying process, the Super Air Knife was adjusted to provide sufficient force to do the job.

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