Cabinet Cooling

The customer operates a paper recycling mill which is extremely dirty and dusty due to the processes involved with breaking the paper fibers down to a usable format. Steam is also used in the various processes which makes the ambient environment hot. This combination of heat and dust have essentially choked off a couple of larger control panels in the customer's process. After performing sizing calculations, the customer was in need of 3800 Btu/hr of cooling on one panel and 4500 Btu/hr. cooling on the other panel. Since it is quite hot most of the time and there is a known dust issue, the customer opted to go with continuously operating cabinet cooler systems in the NEMA 12 format to keep the panel cool and dust free. Model 4260 and Model 4270 Cabinet Coolers were used to keep the panels cool and free of dust on the inside. The control panels have had zero problems since the installation.

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