Cold Gun Cools Aluminum Pulley in Shaft Pressing Application

Customer manufactures all sorts of home appliances, tools, lawn & garden products, etc. In the present application, they have a shaft assembly that needs to be pressed into a pulley. To accomplish this task, they heat the aluminum pulley to 500°F, then press the shaft into the bore on the pulley. The part weighs 0.07 lbs. The customer needs to cool the pulley to 110 deg. F in 15 seconds. They tried to do this with straight compressed air exiting a smashed pipe. The result was they were unable to do it in that time. The air was not cold enough. The customer then began using Model 5330 High Power Cold Gun to blow onto the pulley after pressing. The Cold Gun was able to cool the part in the desired amount of time which kept the cooling application from being the bottleneck in the process that it had been up until that point. Previously, the cooling was taking as much as 45 seconds per pulley which is a 2/3 reduction in time.

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