Cold Gun Cools Bronze Machining Application

Customer specializes in producing Copper Sputtering targets. The targets are made of ultra-pure copper and are machined on all sides to eliminate porosity and impurities. On one specific application, the customer is machining bronze. They are using lubricant only. They cannot use liquid coolant as there is no way to recover the coolant once dispensed onto the workpiece. So, they machine dry except for the lubricant. The lack of coolant causes the workpiece to climb in temperature and thus grow dimensionally due to excessive heat. So, when it cools back down it can be as much as 0.005" out of spec. The customer elected to use (2) Model 5315 Cold Gun Systems with Dual Point Hose Kits in order to cool the two workpieces being machined at one time. The Cold Gun Systems were mounted to the machine and cold air hoses ducted just ahead of the cutter. The two cooling systems were able to cool the work piece and cutter sufficiently to keep the parts from growing dimensionally. Customer can now confidently machine their parts without use of liquid coolant, without lubricant and with product remaining in spec when finished. Before the addition of Cold Guns, the customer was scrapping one of every 5 pieces. Now they have no scrap.

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