Cold Gun Keeps Saw Blade Cool

Customer is in the business of pouring and performing secondary operations to aluminum castings in order to prepare them for shipment to their client. In this case, once the casting has been removed from its mold, it must have further processing to clean it up and remove unnecessary parts used only in the casting process. The part that is no longer needed is referred to as a "riser". The riser is where the molten aluminum is poured into the mold to form the part. After cooling, the risers must be cut off. The customer was using a 16" abrasive cut-off wheel and coolant to get the job done. Problem is that the cutting process was slow, dirty and required further cleaning processes to get rid of the contamination from the cutting process. Customer did some research and determined it would be better to move to a carbide tipped blade and cold air cooling to take care of all the issues associated with cleaning up the casting. They are now using Model 5330 High Power Cold Gun with Dual Point Hose Kit to cool both sides of the carbide tipped blade. The customer has been able to cut 1 full hour of processing time out of this operation as the new blade cuts faster and all they have to do is blow the residual chips off the casting before packing it up for transport. No more washing and drying saved all this time.

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