Cold Guns Keep Tires Cool During Dyno Test

Customer manufactures custom chassis for RV and school bus applications. They have an intermittent need to run a dynomometer test on these chassis to make sure everything is in working order within the drivetrain. Problem is the large metal cylinder on which the wheels ride is not cooled internally by water as many are. This creates a problem in that the tires on the drive line become very hot and disintegrate during the test. Besides being wasteful, this condition is extremely unsafe should a tire fail and the treads fly off. The customer has tried high velocity cooling fans blowing at the tires but this had little to no effect. Customer came to us with this problem and we recommended they use (1) Model 5315 Cold Gun System with Dual Point Hose Kit to cool each tire on the dynomometer drum. For a dual, rear wheel vehicle, they used 4 units. Providing 1000 Btu/hr. to each tire eliminated the heating problem and the customer can carry on with their testing without cooling delays, shaving tires or any of the other strategies they have employed in the past.

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