Controlling Thickness of Molten Solder

The customer manufactures and distributes specialty soldering and brazing metal products. Products include ribbon and foil. In this case, a copper ribbon was being tinned by passing through a solder bath. The customer needed a way to control the thickness of the molten solder without cooling the solder to a solid before thickness could be controlled. The customer has decided to use Model 2400SS 1/2" (13mm) Stainless Steel Super Air Wipe to blow compressed air heated to 700 deg. F at the ribbon as it passes through. The heated airflow keeps the solder in liquid form and thus flowable after the ribbon exits the solder pot. The key to success was the high temperature nature of the Stainless Super Air Wipe components. Before the use of the Super Air Wipe, the customer was left with using metal blades to wipe the copper ribbon which left an undesirable finish. The Super Air Wipe leaves no marks and produces a bright, shiny finish as needed.

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