Conveying Steel Pellets into Hopper

A company's customer needs to move steel pellets from a 55 gallon drum to their steel hoppers. Right now they are scooping these pellets out of the drum using various size pails, etc. They climb up a ladder and dump them into their hoppers. The pellets are then dispensed into a bucket which is located on a scale. After the scale reaches a certain weight they pour that amount into their product for ballast. A Model 6061 1" (25mm) Stainless Steel Line Vac can be used to move the pellets from the drums to the hoppers, then once the product is dispensed into a bucket in a measured amount, another Model 6061 1" (25mm) Stainless Steel Line Vac can move the pellets from the buckets to the finished product. Installing the Line Vacs will not only save time, but will eliminate ergonomics issues for the personnel who are bending down into the drums to scoop the pellets and climbing up and down ladders to load the pellets into the hoppers and the finished product.

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