Cooling Small Control Cabinet

Customer manufactures surgical instruments. They have a small control panel that is overheating and causing failure of the sensitive electronic equipment inside. As there is virtually no room for error in the manufacture of surgical equipment, any equipment shutdown can be quite costly, due to the need to scrap any parts that are flawed as a result of the failed equipment. They wanted a reliable, low-cost way to keep the panel cool to prevent the heat-caused shutdowns.  The nature of the environment required a Nema 4X rated unit. The heat load was such that our smallest unit would provide sufficient cooling. Thus, I recommended a Model 4608SS Cabinet Cooler. The customer preferred not to purchase a kit containing an air filter and thermostat control.  The compressed air in the plant was already very well filtered.  They decided to use a solenoid valve to control the cooler rather than a thermostat, simply turning it on and off with the machine, to ensure that cold air was being generated any time the machine was running, eliminating the possibility of the equiment inside overheating. Since the unit is installed in a standard electrical knockout hole, the unit can be up and running in a matter of minutes, immediately putting a stop to the unwanted heat-related failure of the manufacturing equipment and eliminating the costly scrap material that was being created.

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