Drying Cans For Ink Jet Date Printing

This customer manufactures inkjet marking and laser coding systems for various industries. One particular customer of theirs who cans soda pop needs to dry the concave bottoms of the inverted, filled cans before the date stamp can be applied. If the cans are not dry when the ink is applied, the ink does not print properly and dissolves in the water. They are currently using plastic flat air nozzles, but with little success. Some water still remains after passing under the current nozzles. Replacing them with a Model 1111-4 Super Air Nozzle Cluster provided a strong blast of air to remove all traces of water from within the concave bottom of the can so that the date stamp can be properly applied. This lead to fewer rejected cans due to flawed date stamps and increased production because fewer cans had to be put through the drying and date stamping process more than once.

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