E-Vac Pick And Place Device Replaces Cumbersome Tongs In Press Brake Operation

An electrical products manufacturer forms heavy gauge sheet metal parts for their motors. For safety, they used tongs to place and remove these parts into/from the press brake. The tongs, however, were cumbersome and wieldy, and caused operator fatigue in the day-long repetitive operation. The parts themselves ranged from 3-8" in diameter, and 0.5-1.5 pounds in mass. A Model 810002M In-Line E-Vac High Vacuum Generator (w/Straight Through Muffler) fitted with a Model 900753 1-1/2" (38mm) Round Small Vacuum Cup picked and placed all parts quickly and easily. They were able to customize their device with short pipe nipples, a 45° elbow, and a simple thumb trigger air gun to make it lightweight and ergonomic. This not only kept the operators' hands away from the press brake platen, but turned the tiresome two-handed tongs task into a one-handed, ergonomic evolution.

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