Eliminate Static and Blow Off Particles on Teflon Tape Rolls Before Packaging

This customer produces rolls of teflon tape that are cut to length, blown off with compressed air (by hand), and placed in an anti-static bag for shipment. They were having issues with the tape rolls collecting particles that had both static and mechanical adhesion to the rolls. They were using an inexpensive, commercial air gun, but the operator could not blow off the tape roll and place it in the bag, while simultaneously holding the bag open. Our solution was to provide a blowoff station for the operator to use in order to complete the task both easier and more efficient. By using a Model 112206 6" (152mm) Super Ion Air Knife and Model 9040 Foot Pedal, the operator is able to use both hands to handle the rolls. By ionizing the airflow, the debris is not only blown off the roll but the static is eliminated, so it no longer clings back to the roll.

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