Eliminate Static Between Fabric Web and Machine Rollers 

This customer manufactures paper machine clothing products, such as forming and drying fabrics and press felts, for the papermaking industry. The materials they manufacture are quite fibrous and easily generate static electricity. As the fabric web moves through the rollers along the process, this static charge often causes the fabric to stick to the rollers and wrap around them, rather than moving smoothly through. Because of the very fibrous nature of the product, airflow would actually be detrimental to the web, possibly causing the fibers to unravel themselves. Thus, an Ion Bar will be the best choice. The fabric web is about 98" wide, so a custom length 98" Ion Bar was needed. The Ion Bar will eliminate the static charges without disturbing the fibrous web. This will lead to less downtime to un-jam the rollers and realign the fabric web, as well as less material wasted due to being flawed by the jam-ups.

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