Eliminating Static On A Silk Screening Application

The customer produces silk screened products of various types using manual silk screening presses. The customer is experiencing a problem with their print quality. The edges of a printed area appear to be jagged in nature. Also, customer is experiencing static discharges from the press area when they drag the squeege across the template. The customer implemented Model 8418 18" (457mm) Standard Ion Air Knife Kit in their process to blow lightly over the area every so often to keep the static levels at a reasonable level. They do not blow all the time as the airflow would end up drying the ink pre-maturely. This method seems to work quite well, is controlled by a Model 9040 Foot Valve for convenience and is producing smooth edge results for the end product. The operators are also happier as they no longer have to deal with static discharges from the press.

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