Fast Cooling of Shrink Wrap Eliminates Re-wraps

Company is shrink-wrapping cases of bottled water. They run the cardboard case and shrink wrap through a heating tunnel to shrink the wrap around the bottles for shipping. As the cases exit the heating tunnel they travel 6 feet down a conveyor then make a 90 degree turn. At this turning point the shrink-wrap rubs against the conveyor rail guide. The shrink-wrap is still hot and soft at the turn and the rail guide causes it to stretch or rip which may loosen the water bottles in the package and has caused many re-wraps. They have installed two EXAIR Model 120222 2" (51mm) Super Air Amplifier Kits to blow upon the hot shrink wrap in the area which rubs the rail guide. They utilize the 6’ of travel to blow the cooling air upon the shrink-wrap so it will harden before it rubs against the rail guide. This has eliminated the need for re-wrapping.

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