Getting Rid of Water Puddles on Product

Customer produces cement based building products such as “backer board" and cement based house siding, roofing and all misc. pieces that make up an exterior system for houses. The process consists of layering many thinner layers of cement/pulp mixture onto a fiberglass lattice framework. Once the desired thickness is achieved, the product is rolled out, dried in an oven and coated. During the drying process in the oven, steam is used. At the end of a drying cycle, there is water left over in puddles on the board. This water must be blown off before the product enters the priming area. If it is not removed, the water makes a mess of the primer and the board has to be rejected. Many boards are stacked on a train car and rolled into an autoclave for baking process. Customer was able to eliminate about a 5% scrap rated due to the water problem with Model 110030 30" (762mm) Super Air Knife and Model 110036 36" (914mm) Super Air Knife bracketed together with a Model 110900 Aluminum Coupling Bracket to achieve 66" width.

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