Heavy Duty Line Vac Cleans Up Roofing Granules 

A logistics company manages the transfer of bulk product from one mode of transportation to another. In this case they manage the transfer of bulk roofing granules from rail to truck. The rail cars unload the granules out of hoppers underneath the cars. Many times the granules are spilled along the tracks. The granules need to be moved and discarded. In the past, an operator would go under the rail cars and scoop the granules out from under with a shovel, placed into a wheel barrow, brought out to the road and dumped. In order to increase ease of the application and increase safety this customer chose an EXAIR Model 150200 2" (51mm) Heavy Duty Line Vac to move the granules. The Line Vac provides a suction which carries the granules through a hose and into a bulk container which is driven to the road where the granules are graded into the dirt road.

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