Heavy Duty Line Vac Launches Cording Through A Pipe Coil

This customer manufactures corrugated plastic pipe for irrigation systems. Once the pipe is wound into a coil, the operator takes a 10' long stick and ties a piece of nylon cord to it in order to stick it through the machine to the other side. Once through, it's necessary to walk around, untie the cord, then walk it back around and remove the stick. Then they have to tie off the coil so it doesn't unwind. A new safety rule, however, would not permit the stick to be shoved through and left in the machine, so they needed a new way to get the cording through the machine. They installed a Model 150100 1" (25mm) Heavy Duty Line Vac to shoot the cording from one side of the spool to the other. The operator is now able to walk around, get the other end, and tie off the coil. There is no conveyance hose being used in the application. The Heavy Duty Line Vac simply sucks the cording up form the box it is in, and shoots it in a small arc across the inside of the coil.

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