High Lift Reversible Drum Vac Sucks Up Oil Spills In Large Area Automotive Plant

This customer used mops and buckets to clean up oil spills all around the rather large area of their automotive service facility. This results in a high volume of oily wastewater that must be disposed of via an environmental reclamation service. They wanted to minimize the amount of liquid that was subject to recycling by vacuuming it straight off the floor. They also wanted something with long reach, as there were areas where a drum and dolly could not be easily rolled to. The Model 6295 Deluxe High Lift Reversible Drum Vac comes with a 20ft hose, a Spill Recovery Kit (long wand with squeegee floor tool) and more than enough suction power to clean up their spills, wherever they may be in the plant...even the most inaccessible areas. And, with the mop water out of the equation, their reclamation volume...and volume-based costs...decreased considerably. The Reversible Drum Vac is even able to quickly pump the waste oil directly into the reclamation company's receptacle.

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