High Temp Cabinet Cooler Keeps Control Box Cool Near Furnace

Customer manufactures components for oil and gas drilling systems. One of their processes involves heat treating pipe. The burner control box for this operation is located directly on top of the furnace used to heat the pipes. So this creates a high temp ambient environment of about 145°F. The high ambient temperature combined with the heat generated by the controls themselves leads to a very high temperature inside the control box as well. They needed a product that could both cool the enclosure to a safe operating temperature for the equipment, as well as withstand the high ambient temperatures. A Model HT4825 NEMA 4 1700 BTU/hr Thermostat Controlled High Temperature Cabinet Cooler System was the ideal recommendation. Its components can withstand temperatures up to 200°F and it has the cooling capacity to maintain a safe operating temperature inside the control box. This particular system is also thermostat controlled, so the air will run only when needed, to minimize air consumption. Installation of the cooler virtually eliminated heat related shutdowns of the burner control equipment.

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