Hold Vacuum on Steel Mold Cavity

Customer manufactures plastic injection molded parts in aluminum and steel molds. If the molten plastic does not completely fill the mold, then the resulting part is flawed and thus rejected. The smaller the mold cavities are, the harder they are to fill completely. One particular steel mold has a 1-2 cubic inch cavity that they were having considerable trouble getting it to fill consistently. Thus, they were looking for a way to pull a vacuum on this cavity to help alleviate the problem. Because steel is an essentially non-porous material, and because of the small size of the cavity, a Model 810002 High Vacuum In-Line E-Vac Vacuum Generator, the smallest unit available, was more than sufficent for the job.  However, the inlet pressure can be reduced to both minimize air consumption and dial the vacuum level down to a level that still works, but is not overkill for the application. Installation of the unit will lead to fewer rejected plastic parts.

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