Ion Bar Improves Finish on Glass Printing Application

Customer washes and prints onto large pieces of flat glass 86" x 136" in size. The problem comes in when they try to use a metallic based ink to print onto the glass when it has a static charge. Basically, the metallic ink follows the lines of force in the static charge which messes up the quality of the finish. Customer decided to use (2) Model 8096 96" (2438mm) Ion Bars and (1) Model 7901 Power Supply to eliminate any such charge on the glass surface as it went into the printing machine. In this way, both surfaces of the glass can be treated with ionization just prior to being printed with the metallic ink. The ion bars successfully eliminated the charge and the ink goes onto the glass without problem now. Before installation of the ion bars, customer was having to scrap out one of every ten pieces of glass due to the static problem. Now they have zero scrap for this issue.

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