Its Shrinking Its Shrinking

Customer fabricates various products which require the insertion of steel bushings into an assembly. The customer currently uses liquid CO2 to cool the part that needs to shrink in order to install it into the assembled item. The CO2 is very expensive to use but it is effective. The customer has replaced his CO2 system with a Vortex Cooling system to keep his costs of cooling down. He needs temperatures in the -10 to -20°F range which is no problem for a Vortex Tube. (2) Model 3440 Vortex Tubes are creating the cold environment in which the customer can shrink the work piece in order to perform the necessary pressing operation. CO2 runs them $35.00/ can. Sometimes they don’t need a whole can for a given cooling app. However, oxygen will get into the can and render the CO2 useless for subsequent cooling applications. So, the can is essentially wasted anyway.

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