Line Vac Allows For Easy Transfer of Water Treatment Resin

Customer operates an ion exchange water filtering system for ultra pure water production. Maintenance of this system requires that the customer periodically change out the ion exchange resin within the filtering process. This process is usually quite a long and laborious task for the operators. The resin can be difficult to deal with simply because the nature of the container in which it is held does not have any good way for removal and replacement. The only reasonable way for the customer to transfer the resin is to vacuum it out of the vessel with a Model 6063 1-1/2" (38mm) Stainless Steel Line Vac. Since the Line Vac has no set sized container on the output flow, the customer can use their large transfer hoppers to keep vacuuming until the whole volume is removed from the filtering vessel. And, by contrast, re-loading the vessel with new resin media is quite a bit easier too. They simply reverse the hoses connected to the line vac so that they are now conveying into the filtering vessel from a super sack type bag. This application of the Line Vac has saved this customer countless hours of time trying to use scoops and buckets to change out the filtering media.

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