Line Vac Conveys Trim Scrap

Customer manufactures screens for use in various video projection applications. Part of the manufacturing process involves trimming the screen material to proper width before assembling it to a frame. The customer was looking for an easy way to remove the excess material from the sides of the web over to a dumpster about 30 ft. away. There is also a bit of an abrasive quality to the trim scrap as it has a fiberglass component to it. Traditional trim scrap winders were not a good solution due to the high volume of product that needed to be moved. Also, more traditional belt-type conveyors were too expensive and bulky an option. So, the customer decided to use the Model 150200 2" (51mm) Heavy Duty Line Vac to convey the trim scrap. The Heavy Duty style was selected for its ability to resist abrasion quite well and also it's capacity to convey product over long distance with many bends and turns in the conveying line to clear various other items within the process. The customer was able to set up an effective conveying system that is flexible and compact for less than $1,500.00.

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