Line Vac Fills Floating Barge Full Of Hollow HDPE Balls

This customer operates a bulk liquid storage facility, and commonly uses HDPE hollow balls to cover the tops of storage tanks and ponds. At their facility, they had a floating barge that had been taking on water. They needed to increase its buoyancy before making repairs, and planned to accomplish this by filling it with the HDPE hollow balls (which they had in abundance.) Typically, to fill a storage tank or pond, they would back a truck of super sacks up to the tank/pond and simply pour the balls in. To fill an enclosed space, though, they needed a way to move the balls about 50 feet to reach the barge, which was at the other end of the dock. Because they had compressed air available on the dock, our Model 6088 5" (127mm) Aluminum Line Vacs were perfect for the job. This allowed them to set up a flexible conveying hose system that moved thousands of balls quickly and easily.

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