Line Vac Moves Molding Compound Into Hopper

Customer manufactures clippers and other grooming products for use on animals. Many of the component parts are plastic injection molded. They were looking for a better way to move the bulk molding compound powder up to the hopper. They were currently using our Model 6083 1.5" (38mm) Line Vac, but were looking for an even faster method.  Normally, we would not recommend using our Line Vac to convey powders, because of the potential dust cloud on the outlet. However, they have already adapted their system to account for this and have a way to contain the dust. Thus, a Model 150150 1.5" (38mm) Heavy Duty Line Vac would be an easy drop-in replacement into their current system, and would provide a significantly increased material flow rate of powder into the hopper. This will allow them to increase their product throughput with little to no modifications to their existing setup.

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