Line Vac, Not Air Amplifier For Conveying

Customer manufactures irrigation products for agricultural use. They were currently using a 1" Line Vac to convey very small OD drip tubing, and were looking for a way to increase the efficiency of their process, namely decreasing their air consumption. They had suggested using a similarly-sized Air Amplifier instead. However, because the air amplifier uses a Coanda profile, designed only for amplifying air and not transferring solid product, this was not the best choice. A Line Vac uses a ring of directed nozzles to push solid product through the unit and convey it to the desired location. Because of the small OD of the tubing, a Model 6079 1/2" (13mm) Aluminum Line Vac would adequately handle the tube size, and would cut their current air consumption in half, without creating any noticeable decrease in material conveying rate.

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