Line Vac Replaces Expensive Industrial Vacuum 

A manufacturer of gelatin capsules has a system which vacuums away rejected capsules during production. The rejects were vacuumed away using a large and expensive industrial vacuum inside of a cabinet. The vacuum has broken and costs $5000 to replace. The vacuum cabinet is taking up a 5' x 5' floor space of the production room. They were placing electric vacuums inside of the vacuum cabinet to remove the rejects but continue to burn them up with this continuous duty application. This customer has chosen two EXAIR Model 141150 1-1/2" (38mm) Stainless Steel Threaded Line Vacs which can be mounted directly underneath the machine and in line with the rejection system. This has allowed them to remove the vacuum cabinet and reclaim the prodcution space. The two Line Vacs cost almost 85% less than the industrial duty vacuum replacement.

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