Loading and Un-Loading Tumbling Media

Company manufactures powdered metal products. Part of the powder metal fabrication process involves tumbling product in a large tumbler with media to polish, knock off burrs, etc. Periodically, the customer needs to empty their tumblers and cannot get large equipment in close enough to the tumblers to do it. So, they now have to resort to un-loading media by hand which can take a while and is difficult work. A Model 150200 2" (51mm) Heavy Duty Line Vac will be used to un-load and re-load the tumblers. The Heavy Duty Line Vac allows the operators to efficiently move the tumbling media into and out of the tumblers so they can perform normal maintenance procedures. They can do this simply with a vacuuming motion instead of getting up into the tumbler and manually un-loading. This saves time, workspace and makes for a safer system for the operator.

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