Long Super Air Knife Cleans 56" Aluminum Web

A leading producer of flat rolled aluminum product strives to improve the quality of the product they offer to their customers. They recently committed to reducing the amount of oil upon their aluminum roll stock. At speeds of about 700 feet per minute it has been difficult to remove the excess oil from the aluminum. And it is also troublesome to find a product which can span the 56" web width. EXAIR has provided this customer with a Model 110060PKI 60" (1524mm) Long Super Air Knife with all of the plumbing hardware and hose installed (plumbing kit). The plumbing kit ensures that the Super Air Knife properly supplied with compressed air without a pressure loss through insufficiently sized hose and fittings. They have also installed a .003" shim to provide a maximum amount of force on to the aluminum and remove as much oil as possible. EXAIR's commitment to quality has allowed our customer to remain committed to their own quality.

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