Long Super Air Knife Cleans Excess Flour From Dough

A major US bakery company produces frozen pie crusts. During production the dough is formed into a ball, coated with flour and flattened into the final pie crust size. They are sprinkled again with flour to prevent them from sticking together as they are overlapped down the bakery line. They had been experiencing an excess of flour remaining on the crusts during packaging. The excess flour made for a messy packaging job and unacceptable quality of the product. They outfitted the bakery conveyor with an EXAIR Model 110060 60" (1524mm) Aluminum Super Air Knife to span the width of the conveyor where the last flour is sprinkled on the pie crust dough. The Super Air Knife removes the excess flour which would typically end up in the packaging. This has resulted in cleaner packaging and a successful improvement in the overall quality of the product.

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