Lower Compressed Air Use and Increase Worker Safety

Customer produces dog and cat food in aluminum and steel cans. This customer uses air to blow debris out of cans before filling, blow water off of cans after rinsing and air to move cans at certain points in process. They typically use 1/4"and 3/8" open lines for their applications. These open lines use too much air, run very loud, and violate the OSHA dead end pressure standard. They have begun a pilot air savings and safety program. They have ordered EXAIR Models 9092-DG and 9095-DG Digital Flowmeters in order to record the qualitative changes made to the air system after installing EXAIR Model 1122, 1100, 1102 and 1110SS-NPT Super Air Nozzles with Model 9212 and Model 9218 Stay Set Hoses. They are well on their way to lowering compressed air consumption and noise while increasing worker safety.

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