Lumber Mill Saves Air While Printing Clearly

A lumber mill applied a mold inhibiter onto lumber after a planing operation. After the mold inhibiter is applied, the lumber is stamped to identify the product. If the mold inhibiter did not dry before the stamp was applied, the ink from the stamp ran. The customer had found that a 1" pipe nipple that was crushed in a vise would blow compressed air to dry the mold inhibitor before stamping. The problem was that the 1" (25mm) crushed nipple used a large amount of compressed air and is extremely noisy. The customer installed a Model HP1125-9212 High Power 2" (51mm) Flat Air Nozzle w/12" (305mm) Stay Set Hose. This nozzle drastically reduced the noise level in the area and limited the compressed air usage, while still successfully getting the job done.

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