Making Dog Biscuits

Customer forms dog biscuits from a dough using a roll press. The problem they were having is that as the day wore on, the roll gained heat and caused the dough to stick to the roll. This caused defects in subsequent forms. They were experiencing 25% reject rate. The operators discovered that by blowing compressed air onto the cavities, they were able to keep the heat buildup in check. The problem with that set up was that it used too much compressed air. Their chief engineer had a blower installed as a substitute for the compressed air but it did not work and the operators went back to using compressed air. Looking for a solution to excessive compressed air consumption, their chief engineer turned to EXAIR for assistance. We recommended installing a Model 110036 36" (914mm) Air Knife. As its design is to entrain surrounding air, only a nominal amount of compressed air was required to deliver the volume of air needed to provide adequate cooling. Both problems solved- die cooling and compressed air consumption.

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